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4 Tips to help your kids set goals and be successful

In this blog, I’ll share with you 4 effective way to help your child set goals in life, so he or she can have bright future.

Here is the outline for the steps:

Step 1: Let your kids choose their goal.

Step 2: Discuss the goal’s outcome to keep your kids motivated during the tough times.

Step 3: Break the big goal into smaller steps (and fill out a goal ladder!).

Step 4: Make plane to achieve it on a daily, weekly and monthly bases

And remember to put all of it in writing!

Step 1: Let your kids choose their goal

If your child has a genuine desire to reach his or her goal, he or she is far more likely to be intrinsically motivated, driven, and ultimately successful.

Instead of pushing your child to set a goal that you want her to reach, help her consider what she truly wants to accomplish or achieve this year.

Here is a trick, help your child envision what would be good for them, and help them brainstorm his/her goal.

Best way to do so is by Ask questions like the following:

· What’s something you wish to achieve this year?

· What’s a challenge you want overcome this year/month/week?

· What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Her is an important tips

1-Help your child brainstorm ONE major goal that he/she wants to achieve this week/month/year.

2- Make sure the goal is specific, measurable, and trackable.

It’s really important to avoid vague goals like, “I’ll pay more attention in class this year.” There’s no clear way to know when or if this goal has been achieved.

It’s way more effective when it’s measurable as you can track your progress

“I’ll take daily notes this year and review them each week.”

“I’ll score ten points higher in math this year.”

Your child needs to be able to recognize her progress toward her goal, so be sure it’s something specific and measurable.

Step 2: Discuss the goal’s outcome to keep your kids motivated during the tough times

n order for your child to be truly motivated to reach her goal, she must understand her “WHY.”

Why does she want to achieve this goal? Why does it matter? What is her purpose?

In education, it’s long been clear that when students see a purpose for what they’re learning, they tend to “buy in” and perform better.

Four 2014 studies found that this is especially true when students have a self-transcendent purpose for learning. This means that students are more successful when they understand that their learning can also benefit others.

Step 3: Break the big goal into smaller steps (and fill out a goal ladder!)

There is an old saying that “by the yard it’s hard; but inch by inch, anything’s a cinch!”

One of the best ways to achieve any goal/s is for you to help your child to get his/her mind off the huge task in front of her/him and help your child to understand how to focus on a single action that your child can take now.

Lao-tzu wrote, “A journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step.” This is a great strategy for overcoming procrastination and getting more things done faster.”

· Take It One Step at a Time

Your child can accomplish his/her goal by disciplining his/herself to take it just one step at a time. Your job as parents is to help your child to go as far as your child can see.

Then your child will then be able to see far enough to go further.

Here are some action to accomplish this:

1. Let your child selects any goal, and then help your child to make a list of all the steps they need to take to eventually accomplish the goal.

2. Then help them to take just one step immediately. Sometimes all your child needs to do to get started is to sit down and complete one item on the list. And then do one more, and so on. As parents you will be amazed at what your child eventually accomplish.”

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