This is not another book club
or reading log


ReadingStarz App listens to your children’s physical book readings, awards them for their success, and sends books when they need it

Redirect your child's craving Towards  acquiring  Knowledge & Reading

My Story

Hi, I'm Maria and I am a psychotherapist who has helped dozens of families to raise successful children.  

But there was a problem in my own home that I needed to address.  It's something that I noticed in a lot of families.  Maybe you've noticed it, too.  Allow me to explain...

Close your eyes and think about all of the things kids enjoy doing today. It's a bit overwhelming, isn't it?  Much of the modern child's activity involves the use of a phone, tablet, or another smart device.  It's a front-row seat to the world.  While we love seeing kids with that big smile on their face while they're having fun, it's an uncomfortable feeling to watch them struggle with their academic progress.

My kids were no exception.  I was frustrated!  I only want the best for my kids, like other parents.  I knew they needed to develop their reading and writing, amongst other skills that would help them succeed in life.  At a time when my dreams for my children were beginning to go down the drain and TikTok had taken over their world...

...something amazing happened.

It took a lot of research and help from others, but I finally unlocked the child's mindset and learned the most efficient way to redirect a child's interest.  What we have developed focuses on reading.  There is value in books and plenty of room to make it a captivating activity for young audiences of all ages (just check out the app we developed to track their progress and reward them for their hard work).  To keep our young readers motivated, we curate titles based on age and level.

This is a solution to a problem that's too important to keep to ourselves.  Our goal now is to share this with as many as possible.  Let's help our kids build a successful future, starting with reading.

But, how does it work?

By using Speech Recognition technology
with physical books!


Here is how:

Your child will get

2 amazing books 

curated to your child's
Age, Interest, and Level

Monitors and Measures, your child's reading



The latest AI speech recognition.

Less time and effort
trying to do it all by yourself.


Get insight into your child's reading

speed, accuracy, and progress

Stay on top of your child's progress

Smart Notification System:

(Habit builder) 

reminds your child to read on a daily basis 

Your child will develop positive reading habits

Reward System: 
Improve your child's ability to set
long-term and
short-term goals 

Increase your child reading skills by 10 times

Reasons to choose us!

 Provide Books 
Track Reading
Reading Speed
Reading comprehension
Goal settings
Lexile measure
Reading aloud monitor
Cost per Month

What parents spend unsuccessfully hours and days monthly
we do
automatically for only $16.99