How To Make Your Child An Avid Reader As Quickly As One Week?


your child's craving towards 


knowledge and reading

But how it works?

We just combine mobile technologies with the indispensable benefits and atmosphere of paper books


We send to your child the most interesting paper books suitable to age, interest, and level of reading.

You spend less time looking for and ordering amazing books. We have already done it.


Your child reads books aloud.

ReadingStarz App recognizes a child's speech and understands the whole reading process.

You no need anymore to sit with your child to monitor and control the reading process. The app does it for your.


You get insight into your child's reading speed, accuracy, and progress right after reading

Now can easily get the answers to the questions that plagued you before: 


What did my child read?

Was it reading reading at all? 

Did he skipped some pages?

Is my child's reading performance 

What was the efficiency of reading?


App keeps tracking reading progress and award child for achievements.

You just set rules of the rewarding scheme. 

You can set your own rewards like "New game console for 90 days of reading for 30 minutes per day".

Or we can automatically provide to the child the most popular Digital Gift Cards like Apple or Amazon Gift Card. Which is given immediately in the App when your child achieved goals.

Motivation is the key to success.

No more punishments, arguing, tricks or stresses.

The process is absolutely clear for both sides. App is doing it excellently.


Your kid selects the next books when the reading of the current books​ is almost done. We will send them automatically on-demand. The reading journey for your kid goes on.

You will spend almost zero time and effort. The app will cover everything automatically: monitoring, rewarding, new book ordering.

The app reminds your child if there was not reading today. The app is a habit builder system.

ReadingStarz App application takes care of all processes:

  • selection of the best books       

  • delivery

  • monitoring

  • rewarding