[On Demand] Enabling Your Child To Be More Successful By Becoming An Avid Reader Through An Amazing Proven System!

How To Make Your Child An Avid Reader As Quickly As One Week?


your child's craving towards 


knowledge Reading

Our Story

Hi! I'm Maria,

I'm a psychologist and mother of 2 daughters. 

My children spent several hours a day with the phone and absolutely did not like reading books.
I saw how social networks and game platforms reduce children's academic performance at school and cognitive development.
I set out to find a solution to this problem, I decided to create a system to help kids to be more successful by reading. I spent countless days and months and weeks to collect the right data, reaching the right people. It costs me tons of money. I had to hire programmers developers, experts, authors…. and all this, to find the right way to organize the kids' reading process so kids really read, all that produced ReadingStarz

and guess what! 
I succeeded - my children start to read and I spend no more than 10 minutes a week to manage this process, everything.
During the next year, I was able to help more than 1000 other families with a similar problem.

I'm absolutely sure you can help you too!

But how it works?

By using the Speech Recognition technology
with physical books!


Here is how:

Your child will get

2 amazing books 

curated to your child's
Age, Interest, and Level

Monitors and Measures, your child's reading


The latest AI speech recognition.

Less time and effort
trying to do it all by yourself.

Stay on top of your child's progress

Get insight into your child's reading

speed, accuracy, and progress

Smart Notification System:

(Habit builder) 

reminds your child to read on a daily bases 

Your child will develop positive reading habits

Reward System: 
Improve your child's ability to set
long-term and
short-term goals 

Increase your child reading skills 10 times